4 Essential Elements for African American Women to Succeed on Bedrest

4 Essential Elements for African American Women to Succeed on Bedrest-May 13, 2013, 1pm ET.

In this teleseminar, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner will present and discuss the 4 essential elements needed for African American women to succeed on prescribed pregnancy bed rest. These elements are:

  1. Family/Community support
  2. Clear Open Communication with health care providers
  3. Physical Comfort-nutrient dense nutrition, comfortable positioning in bed, massage, exercise, meditation
  4. Emotional Support

On the surface, this list is applicable to any woman of any race or ethnicity who is prescribed bed rest. However, because of the higher rates of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality amongst African Americans, the current barriers to health care and social services many African American Women face and the cumulative discrimination and racism that inherently exists in our American Culture, it is imperative that extra care and attention be given in these areas in order for “our mamas” to have successful pregnancies-both high risk on bed rest and “uncomplicated”.

This Teleseminar is part of our Spring/Mother’s Day promotion. This year we are collecting funds to donate a LifeWrap, an anti-hemorrhage device, to the SafeMotherhood program out of UCSF that serves women in Africa. While attendees may attend without a donation, We ask that you donate $10 towards this cause. All proceeds will go towards the LifeWrap. Register Now!

This teleseminar will be recorded and available for download if you miss this event. Registered attendees to the live event will also receive a written e-book that will contain the information from this teleseminar as well as additional information and resources. Call in Registration will be provided prior to the event.

For more information, please e-mail us at info@mamasonbedrest.com.