Cancer in Pregnancy

Mamas on Bedrest: Pregnancy and Breast Cancer

October 15th, 2012

No one wants to think about a breast cancer diagnosis, let alone while pregnant. Unfortunately, breast cancer does occur during pregnancy. In a recent MedScape Case Study presentation, researchers noted that

“In 10 % of women diagnosed with breast cancer (BC) under the age of 40 years, the disease is associated with pregnancy. BC is diagnosed in approximately one in 3,000 pregnancies, making it the second most common pregnancy-associated malignancy (after cervical cancer)….The increased incidence of BC following childbirth suggests that pregnancy may stimulate the growth of cells that have already undergone malignant transformation.”

While a breast cancer diagnosis is devastating at any time, it is particularly devastating during pregnancy. However, medical advances and technology has made it possible for women to not only be diagnosed safely during pregnancy, but to also be treated safely and without harm to their babies. Additionally, women who are diagnosed prior to pregnancy have options regarding fertility preservation and management.

I have written extensively about cases of breast cancer in young women and in particular, in women during the childbearing years. There are many and numerous resources available to help young women battling breast cancer as well as battling breast cancer while pregnant and preserving fertility while battling breast cancer. My article on the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls shares the stories of 3 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer young, and who have gone on to have children and preserve their fertility. Be sure to scroll down to the end of the article for very useful support resources and practices that are devoted specifically to preserving fertilty with breast cancer.

As you will notice from the link to the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls article, I am in the process of developing and launching a general women’s health website, I have written extensively about women’s health over the years and I am sharing all that I have learned on this website. I will also be adding articles and blog posts about women’s physical health, emotional health, sexual health, intellectual (professional) health and financial health. There is lots coming so be sure to check back. I’ll let you know when the offical launch happens!!