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Mamas On Bedrest: The Global Prenatal Initiative

March 21st, 2014

Global Prenatal Initiative

Greetings Mamas and “Happy Anniversary”!!

I am pleased to present to you the Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI). GPI is an initiative of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) Commission of the World Organisation of Prenatal Education Associations (OMAEP), and is in partnership with the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations International Year of Families. The GPI is an awareness raising campaign. The mission of the Global Prenatal Initiative is:

  1. Raise awareness in all sectors of society of the long-term impact of the 9 months of pregnancy for individual and global peace, sustainable development and poverty eradication.
  2. Emphasize the impact of parenting, and especially the key role of the mother during pregnancy and birth, for the future of humanity.
  3. Advocate putting “prenatal education” at the heart of all education, health, social development and policy making.

Julie Ryan Gerland is the Chief United Nations Representative for the OMAEP and the co-founder of GPI. Julie’s work with the UN focuses on improving Maternal Health and Reducing Infant Mortality, sustainable development, the Commission on the Status of Women and all peace issues. She is a perinatal education pioneer, co-author, international lecturer and advocate in the field of very early parenting from pre-conception to the first year after birth. Julie founded the Holistic Parenting Program: Preconception to Birth & Beyond, a program for parents and professionals in Provence, France. Julie’s mission in life is to raise awareness of the necessity of “a calm and peaceful start.” Through her program, Julie educates men and women before they conceive on the importance of creating a calm and peaceful environment for the eagerly anticipated child. She people to heal their own wounds from their individual, family and cultural upbringing prior (optimally) to becoming a couple and most certainly before becoming parents. Her intent is to solidify the bond between man and woman and than between parents and child.  In her own words, 

“The Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI) is a wake-up call to the essential paradigm shift that makes global sustainable development realizable. The “9 Months to Save the World” begins at conception. The time spent in the womb is the foundation for long-term health, emotional security, intelligence, creativity and much more for every human being. It is vital that the link between these early stages of human development, their long-term impact and the current global challenges be known.” 

“If we want peace, for instance, babies must experience peace from the start then they grow up knowing peace, being peaceful and re-creating peaceful activities and environments which will in turn bring global peace. How can we expect someone who has always known violence from the moment of conception through the most vulnerable time of development, the nine-months in utero, followed by a violent birth and early infancy to act peacefully?”

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family, an event created and celebrated by the United Nations. OMAEP and it’s global partners will be celebrating, discussing UN priority themes as well as bringing light on the vital role pregnancy and birth play in the long-term development of every human being. OMAEP and its member associations will assemble and diffuse the scientific and psychological knowledge on the importance and long term impact of the «primal period» from preconception to the post natal period, and the mother-father-child bond during this time.

I am fascinated by this work and these initiatives. It also makes me wonder, how is the US faring in the face of these initiatives? Our invasive medical techniques, high rates of induction and cesarean section, our high rates of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality (especially in black women) and our high stress, vary rapid lifestyle kind of make me go “ouch”.  Reading these initiatives and the work that is being done at the international level, I ask myself, “What do these workers think of bed rest?” How does bed rest even factor into the Global Prenatal initiative? And most certainly I wonder, “If there were programs such as the Holistic Parenting Program in the US (and there may be and I’m just not aware of them!), would there even be a need for bed rest?”

I am just learning about GPI but I believe that its work is coming at a critical juncture in the “revolution” that is perinatal health and work. The anniversary celebration will be going on all year all over the world, so I’ll do my best to keep you up on the latest.

What’s going on in prenatal health in your neck of the woods? We have mamas in our community from all over the world, so we’d love to hear what’s up. Share your happenings in the comments section below! Have a question or comment on GPI? Feel free to e-mail us at

Mamas on Bedrest: That’s a Wrap!

December 18th, 2013

Happy Holidays, Mamas on Bedrest!

It’s video Wednesday and it’s our last video and blog post for 2013. It has been my pleasure to serve you and look forward to lots more fun and sharing of information and tips in 2014. Most of all, I am looking forward to welcoming more healthy, term babies into our community! In 2014 I will continue to look for pertinent news, information, products and services to help you make wise health care choices for  you, your babies and your families. But for now, It’s family time. I’m off to Boston and New York and to meet my new GrandNiece!! So I wish all of you a wonderful holiday and see you in 2014 here and in our Facebook community!

Mamas on Bedrest: How Can I Make Bedrest Better For You?

November 15th, 2013

Hello Mamas,

With just 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and then Christmas right around the corner, I am slowing things down and beginning the process of planning for next year. I have loved sharing information with you on the blog and via the podcasts (More podcasts are coming, just have to learn how to work them on my MAC!!). I have had a blast chatting it up with you all on the Facebook Page, hearing your stories and seeing your babies.  We have a great group of mamas in our midst and I am so grateful that each and every one of you has joined our community.

When I started Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond I started it with the intention that no woman would feel the isolation and desertion that I felt having my own children. I want every mama to have everything that she needs to not only get through her pregnancy, but to feel supported; that her needs are met,her concerns are validated and addressed to her satisfaction, so that she can then sink in, rest and calmly gestate her baby and go on to have healthy term babies. That’s it in a nutshell. That is why Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond exists.

Over the years I have tried to offer various things. Some things have been great successes, others not so much. In 2014 I really want to address the pressing needs of Mamas on Bedrest. What are those needs? I know some of them, but I truly believe that there is a core, an area that is not being addressed that if I were to address it, it could change the course of bed rest for mamas-for the better! What is it?

You tell me. In the comments section below, please share your top 5 needs/desires/things that would just make life great on bedrest. What needs, if they were addressed to your satisfaction, would enable you to sit back in bed (or on your sofa) and surrender to your pregnancy and allow you to quietly grow your baby knowing that all is well? Nothing is too wonky. Nothing is out of bounds. I will not be able to address every need. But my guess is that there are going to be a few needs that are going to come up again and again. They are literally going to be universal, submitted by mamas across the globe. It is those needs that I want to address.  It is those needs that, if I can clearly and succintly convey them to “powers that be”, I may be able to get funding for and meet. (Now wouldn’t that be amazing??)

So write your top 5 needs, desires,” things that would make bed rest a great and memorable experience” below so that we can take Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond to the next level of service for Mamas on Bedrest.