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Mamas on Bedrest: Where Will You Give Birth?

September 27th, 2013

I was sent this infographic from the Institute of Medicine. I found it very interesting and worthy of sharing. So Mamas, where will YOU give birth? What influenced your choice? Are you giving birth in the setting most comfortable for you? If not, can you change your venue to better suit your comfort? Share your insights on this infographic and your experiences in the comments section below.birthsettingsgraphic

Mamas on Bedrest: Meet The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe

March 30th, 2012

In this podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Darcel Harmon, owner, founder and blogger of The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe. Darcel is a mama passionate about all things birth! After a disappointing experience giving birth to her first child, Darcel made it a point to find alternatives for her subsequent pregnancies. Her research and her own experiences giving birth at home to her second and third children inspired Darcel to share her knowledge with other mamas, especially mamas of color, on The Mahogany Way Cafe.