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Mamas on Bedrest: “Wherever I Am, I Will Love You Still”-A Book Review

October 25th, 2013

13473959522301251787406Bedrest is hard not only on mamas, but on entire families! No one is more upset and confused by bed rest than young children of Mamas on Bedrest. So I am thrilled to share with you, “Wherever I Am, I Will Love You Still”, by our own community member Rachel Blumenthal. Rachel spent roughly 20 weeks on hospital bed rest while pregnant with her daughter and had a young son at home. This book is a look at the bed rest experience through her son’s eyes.

I love having resources for explaining difficult things to our children. When I was pregnant with my son my daughter was 3 and I was prescribed “modified activity”. (I was actually prescribed bed rest, but since my husband was out of town most of the time and we had no family or other help, I bartered with my OB to rest as much as possible, but to be able to take my daughter back and forth to pre-school and to care for her when she came home.)  At first, she was excited when she learned that mommy had a baby in her tummy. But the excitement soon wore off as I got bigger and bigger and able to do less and less. One night when I simply couldn’t give her a bath and had to stand her in our master shower to bathe her she begrudgingly asked, “Mommy, when will you be done with this baby!?”

While Rachel’s son was far more tactful (at least in this story), it is sweet to see the things that were important to him and what made the bed rest journey bearable for him. This is a darling little book with sweet pictures and subtle details that really give parents a look at what a child thinks about this “bed rest thing”. While this book is written for children, I think every parent should take a good hard look at it (i.e. read and really think about it other than when reading it to your child!) and see what this experience really is like for a child. Rachel and her family really went the distance to make things flow for her son. I highly recommend utilizing some of her ideas for her son for your own children.

We can all attest to the reality that bed rest is a beast. It’s hard work and as much of an emotional toil as it is a physical struggle. I am really grateful for this book that comes from a mama who endured the struggle and now shares her wisdom “on the other side.” We need more voices sharing about the bed rest experience. Please support Rachel in the purchase of this book (available at Rocket Science Productions Launch Pad or at

Rachel also wrote “One Recumbant Mommy” her personal journey through hospital bed rest. Look for this book review soon!


Mamas on Bedrest: Take a Look at the HealthTap App

June 5th, 2013

It’s Video Wednesday!

This week, I am taking a look at the HealthTap App. As you will recall from the last blog entry, HealthTap is a health information website that provides health information, tips and breaking health information. The site boasts some 40,000 physician experts from all 50 states and 128 specialties. HealthTap has just rolled out its new App and now consumers can have the convenience of health information at their fingertips.

The App is more than just an encyclopedia of health information. It is a way for consumers to store and track their own health information. This morning, I downloaded the app onto my iPad. The App then guided me through the registration process and enabled me to input personal information and preferences. I was able to “follow” doctors whose work I highly respect and often cite in my blogs and other educational information. I can contact my own gynecologist (who is a participating physician), ask questions of other physicians and get feedback on lab information, tests and other health inquiries.

I have to say that I barely scratched the surface of the HealthTap App. I am sure that it has many more functions that I have yet to discover. But I found it really easy to use, easy to read and easy to input and save my information. I think that this app may be a handy way for Mamas on Bedrest to chart their bed rest progress. In particular, when I think of mamas with cervical insufficiency, each time you go to the OB, you can chart your cervical measurements and keep track. If you have pregnancy induced hypertension or pre-eclampsia, you can track your blood pressures and/or urine proteins (if your OB has you doing urine dip sticks). And this tool is useful after your pregnancy as well; helping you to chart breastfeeding, weight loss, exercise, sleep, and other health indices.

Give it a shot. It’s free and fun (The Geek in Me was quite giddy playing with this!!).


Mamas on Bedrest: Inflammation, 17P and Cervical Insufficiency

May 3rd, 2013

In this the second part in this brief series on cervical insufficieny/incompetent cervix, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner offers another potential cause of CI/IC- inflammation-and discusses the role of 17 Alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate (17P).