Post Partum Care

Mamas on Bedrest: Get Your Body Back After Bedrest

June 17th, 2014

Mamas on Bedrest and Beyond introduces the Get Your Body Back After Bedrest Program. These 30, 60 or 90 day programs help mamas regain strength and muscle tone, lose the baby weight, boost their nutrition and increase overall wellness. Each program is customized to individual mamas and begins with a 5 Day detoxification and then slow, steady, transformation to a pre-pregnancy level of health and wellness (or better!) Former Mamas on Bedrest are able to participate in the programs when they are at least 6 weeks post partum and have been released from medical care from their obstetricians or midwives. Our first programs will kick off on Sunday, July 13th, and supplies need to be ordered by July 3rd for timely shipping. If you are ready to “Get Your Body Back!” send an e-mail to today and we’ll get you started!

Mamas on Bedrest: Plan a “BabyMoon”

June 16th, 2014

Greetings Mamas!

OMIgarden-bedI am always so thrilled to get an e-mail that has a beautiful cherubic face of a newborn from a Mama on Bedrest. You mamas (and dads) rock! But with all that you have gone through with your pregnancy, labor and delivery, have you ever considered taking a little post partum vacation? They are called “BabyMoons”. But we all know that such a “pre-baby” vacation is impossible for Mamas on Bedrest. So I called representative for the California Association of Boutique Bed and Breakfast Inns and asked, “Well, do you offer similiar packages for new mamas and dads which will accommodate newborns? The answer, a resounding YES!

Now to be fair, the term “BabyMoon” actually refers to a vacation an expecting couple takes before the birth of their wee one. Coined by the California Association of Boutique Bed and Breakfast Inns, BabyMoons are designed to provide (one last) escape for expecting couples before the baby arrives. The destinations offer couples’ massages by prenatal-certified massage therapists (for mamas) and an array of “babymoon” package indulgences.

Mamas, these places are spectacular!!! Dotted along the California coast, they span from Sonoma all the way down to San Diego! The inns are the height of luxury and just what weary “Former” Mamas on Bedrest and The Dads who love them need after months on bed rest. Imagine beautiful accommodations overlooking the ocean. Firepits to sit by and watch the sunset. Massages by certified perinatal massage therapists to soothe and smoothe all those aches and pains from the weeks on bed rest. Sumptuous meals and a calming atmosphere are just what Mamas and Dads need-in addition to relaxing time to bond with their little one.

Participating properties are listed below with links to the sites with descriptions and pricing. I truly hope that some of you have the opportunity to relax in such luxury after all you have done to birth your little ones!

TimberCoveInn-FirepitTimber Cove Inn (Baby Moon Retreat is the Second Special listed)

Mount View Hotel & Spa (Oh Baby! BabyMoon for 2 is the last special listed)

Carmel Country Inn

Elk Cove Inn & Spa

Old Monterey Inn (BabyMoon Getaway is fourth special down)

1906 Lodge at Coronado Beach

Tradewinds Carmel
Does this type of post partum vacation appeal to you? share your thoughts in the comments section below. I wanted to know more about these getaways, so I have put in a request for an interview. We’ll podcast as soon as there is a response and acceptance!


Mamas on Bedrest: Put off Projects until Tomorrow to Be with Your Baby Today

June 4th, 2014

Happy Wednesday, Mamas!

In your haste to “reclaim” your lives after bed rest and baby, I want to remind you that you need time to rest, recuperate and bond with your newborn who is experiencing “life on the outside” for the very first time.

This past weekend I was completing a 10 month course and some women new to the course were asking if they should continue with the longer curriculum. One was a very pregnant mama, due to deliver only days before the next round of the course was to begin. And I could hardly believe my ears when she asked me, point blank, if I thought she should sign up for the longer course for the fall. My answer was a resounding “NO”!

Mamas, There are a multitude of things all grabbing at your attention and curiosity. But nothing is more important in those first 6-8 weeks than you and your baby. Take the time to rest. Give your body time to heal and to readjust after the rigors of pregnancy, bedrest, labor and delivery. Give your newborn the time s/he needs to adjust to life in the world outside of your warma and cozy womb. Trips, jobs, career opportunities and courses will all come and go. But this time with your baby, this time after your body had worked valiantly, is a one time deal. If not done well, you and your baby could suffer negative consequences.

This is not a time to multitask. This is a time to be selfishly greedy on behalf of you, your baby and your family. Take on nothing new. Do no favors. Volunteer for no projects. Put off all projects until tomorrow to be fully and completely with your baby today!