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podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: “Shedding Pounds After Gaining a Baby!”

Hello Mamas!

The tagline for this business is “It’s all about mamas!” I am as interested in your success as mamas as I am in you having a successful pregnancy. I am always happy to hear of mamas using what they learned during their pregnancies, what they know for sure as a result of having been pregnant, and what they want to share with the world now that they are “seasoned” mamas.

Emmi WilesToday I share with you an interview that I had with a good friend of mine and new mama, Emmi Wiles. Emmi and I met in a woman’s program offered at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and I have had the great pleasure to witness Emmi’s journey from loving daughter who graciously loved her father through his passage from this life, to newlywed and now to mama (FYI Emmi was not on bedrest!!).

Emmi is also a talented artisan and creates all manner of art that she will be sharing on her etsy page. (Stay tuned and stay in touch with her for more art adventures!!) But for now, she is a full time, hands on mama to a little 6 month old boy who is her inspiration for her latest blog, “Shedding Pounds After Gaining a Baby”. The blog is Emmi’s chronicle of her motherhood journey and how she is doing her best to weave motherhood into womanhood. It’s a delightful read and I hope you will all take some time to stop by and give Emmi encouragement. For now, listen to how
“Shedding Pounds After Gaining a Baby” was birthed and share you comments in the comments section below.


Mamas, Have you created something new as a result of your pregnancy? Would you like to share it with other mamas? Please share details of your new venture/adventure with and tell is what’s up. We’d love to hear and support you!

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: From Bedrest to a Business!

Hello Mamas,

Today’s blog post is a bit different. A few months back I received an e-mail from a new entrepreneur, Rennard Watkins, asking if he could interview me for his podcast. At first I was surprised. Few men ask to interview me about Mamas on Bedrest. But because I like to help others out (as so many people have helped me get up and running!!) and I love ANY opportunity to speak about Mamas on Bedrest and raise awareness of what happens to women who have high risk pregnancies and the whole bed rest experience, I gladly accepted. I had forgotten the interview until I found an e-mail from Rennard and followed up. Lo and behold, here is the interview and I am sharing it with you all.

I will warn you up front, this has much more of a business/entrepreneur tone to it, so it is not exactly geared towards Mamas on Bedrest. But I wanted to share it with you to inspire some and encourage others to see what can become of your high risk pregnancy experience. When I was having my children, I was so stressed and so worried all the time and I just couldn’t find support and an outlet for all of my emotions. That is what moved me to start Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond, to be a place, an outlet for other mamas going through difficult pregnancies to find support, information and a community of people who know EXACTLY what she is going through. I also want to take a moment to encourage you to check out the work of other “former” Mamas on Bedrest who have taken their bed rest experiences and turned them into platforms from which to share experiences, expertise and support for other women.

Parijat DeshpandeParijat Despande– Parijat was a “former” mama on bedrest and gave birth to a very early preemie. She is a psychologist by training and is utilizing her skills and expertise to support women going through difficult pregnancies as well as families and couples experiencing stress. Parijat is also the founder of MySahana, a mental health non-profit raising awareness about mental health issues in the Southern Asian community. Be sure to check out her website for fantastic information, resources and if you would like to take advantage of her expertise.


Jennifer Degl BookJennifer Degl – Jennifer is also a “former” mama on bedrest who gave birth to a micro preemie. Jennifer chronicled her journey in a diary the day that she gave birth to her daughter, and that diary account has become a book called, “From Hope to Joy: A Memoir of a Mother’s Determination and Her Micro Preemie’s Struggle to Beat the Odds”. The book is available at as well as on Check out Jennifer’s website for other information about being a preemie parent and preemie parent support information.


Rachel Blumenthal – Rachel chronicled her bedrest journey in her book “One Recumbent Mommy: A Humorous Encounter with Bedrest”. This is a wonderful read, and though told with humor, it shares some pertinent truths and tips about being on bed rest that mamas on hospital bed rest may want to note. Rachel also wrote a wonderful children’s book called “Wherever I am, I will love you still” which shares about bedrest from the perspective of her young son. This is a great book to get if you have young children as it gives a good description of what it is like for mommy to be away in the hospital and waiting for baby brother or sister to come. Both books are available on Rachel’s Website as well as on

One Recumbent Mommy Book Cover13473959522301251787406

These are but a few of the examples of what has become of a bedrest experience. If you are a former Mama on Bedrest and a member of this community, and have turned your bed rest experience into a creative endeavor, please share your story. We would love to support you, cheer you on and be inspired by your work.

And now, here is the interview on, with Rennard Watkins! Please be so kind to go to iTunes after listening and share a comment. That will help Rennard’s online presence and boost his podcast ratings!! Thanks so much!

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Busting Bedrest Blues

Hello Mamas!

If you missed our most recent tele seminar, you really missed a treat! “Former” Mama on Bedrest Parijat Deshpande moderated a panel discussion between Me, Angela Davids (Owner of and herself. We not only had a great time together, we shared some great information on Busting Bedrest Blues. I know that I learned a lot and added some great tips and techniques I’ll use when working with mamas. There were some technical difficulties with the original recording, but after some editing, here it is. Enjoy!


podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Beating Back Bedrest Stress-An Interview with Parijat Deshpande

Hello Mamas,

Today we have another powerhouse podcast. Our guest expert is Parijat Deshpande, a Health and Wellness Counselor and Clinical Psychologist. While Parijat’s expertise spans marriage and family counseling, fertility counseling and stress management, she also comes to us as a former Mama on Bedrest and contributor to “From Mamas to Mamas: The Essential Guide to Suriving Bedrest”. Today Parijat is sharing tips and tools to beat back bedrest stress.

Parijat is well versed in stress management and shares a wealth of information on this podcast. Tell us what you think in the comments section below and if you have a question, post it and we’ll get it to her for a response. And don’t forget to read Parijat’s story about her preterm infant in “From Mamas to Mamas: The Essential Guide to Surviving Bedrest”. 


podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Your Progesterone Questions Answered!

Hello Mamas!

I am very pleased to present to you the interview that I had with Dr. Anthony Scisione, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist.

Anthony Sciscione, D.O., serves as director of the Delaware Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine and program director of the Christiana Care OB/GYN Residency Program. He is also Director of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine and the OB-Gyn Residency Program at Christiana Care Health System, the Director of the Delaware Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. Dr. Sciscione is widely published and is a principle and co-investigator on a number of national clinical studies in Maternal-Fetal medicine as well as a reviewer for articles in maternal-fetal medicine/health and obstetrics and gynecology.

Dr. Sciscione graciously agreed review the role of progesterone in the treatment of preterm labor as well as in the treatment of incompetent cervix. He gives a great overview, shares what is currently going on in the research arena and answers questions submitted by Mamas on Bedrest.

Please enjoy this very informative podcast and share your comments, suggestions and questions about progesterone therapy in the comments section below.




podcasts Mamas on Bedrest:Unnecessary Medical Interventions in Labor and Delivery May be Putting Mothers, Babies at Risk

Greetings Mamas!

I am happy to present to you a podcast interview with Carol Sakala, Director of Childbirth Connection Programs for the National Partnership for Women and Families. She has graciously stopped by today to share with us a landmark comprehensive report put out by Childbirth Connection and National Partnership for Women and Families called, The Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing and Its Implications for Women, Babies and Maternity Care. This report is unlike any other report on maternity care to date. Compiled by Dr. Sarah J. Buckley, the report is a review of over 1100 research papers and reports examining the best practices for maternity care and the best practices that protect and enhance the hormonal systems that are the most essential and influential in pregnancy and childbearing.

The report consists not only of the research and the evidence for each practice recommended, Childbirth Connection has also developed extensive patient and clinician resources that are available for free on the Childbirth Connection website. I am so grateful to Ms. Sakala for taking the time from her busy schedule, on a holiday, to explain the particulars of the report and to share some particular nuances that are beneficial to Mamas on Bedrest.

I apologize in advance for the recording. My microphone is more powerful than I thought picking up background noise from outside despite closed doors and windows. Deleting the noise caused some of the interview to be lost. So bear with the noise, in the beginning as the information is just too good to lose.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: This is how it’s done! An Interview with “Former” Mama on Bedrest Karen Gates

Good Monday Morning Mamas!

Today we have a treat! While trolling the posts on our community, I came across a post by this very knowledgeable “Former Bedrest Mama”, Karen Gates. Her post was so full of good information, tips and triumph that I just HAD to speak with her! Being the gracious mama that she is, she agreed and here she shares her story of being on bedest for Placenta Previa with her second son. Listen to how Karen was able to intuit and support the needs of her husband, to receive help from friends and family and to overall Thrive while on bed rest!  It’s an interview you won’t want to miss-especially if you are on bed rest during the holidays!


podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Are We on the Brink of a Cure for Pre-Eclampsia?

Greetings Mamas!

May is Pre-Eclampsia Awareness Month. As our way of honoring this occasion, I present to you an interview that I did with Dr. Karine Kleinhaus. Dr. Kleinhaus is the Divisional Vice President North America for and Israeli based biotechnology company called Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. Pluristem is a leading developer of placental based cell therapies. They are currently developing a treatment that, if effective, will treat pre-eclampsia in pregnant women and very likely remove the need for women to be placed on bed rest for pre-eclampsia.

As you can image, when I first learned of this technology, I was floored. Then I got excited. Pre-eclampsia is one of the leading reasons that Mamas are prescribed bed rest during their pregnancies. It can have serious health consequences for mamas and their babies, including kidney and liver damage in mamas, prematurity and the associated developmental issues in infants and even death. Pre-Eclampsia is thought to be the result of inflammation in the uterus and with the placenta that leads to the elevated blood pressure, the protein in the urine, liver assault and, if not adequately treated progresses to HELLP Syndrome (High blood pressure, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelets).

In February of this year, The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association announced that new research data shows that women who have pre-eclampsia during their pregnancies are at increased risk of heart disease and stroke in later life. So as you can imagine, if the therapy being developed by Pluristem is successful, many women stand to be saved a lot of discomfort from a potentially life threatening illness during their pregnancies, will avoid bed rest and its complications and avoid the risk to their cardiovascular health later in life. This is win-win-win!!

Dr. Kleinhaus was kind enough to spend quite a lot of time with me explaining the treatment and its potential in the treatment of Pre-Eclampsia. Listen to this interview carefully. It’s really interesting and chocked full of very useful information. Once you finish, share your comments in the comments section below.


podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: “I Spent $47,000 in 10 Weeks!”

In this podcast, we hear from former Mama on Bedrest, Rebecca Buscemi. Rebecca has a remarkable story of incidental injury that lead to 10 weeks of bed rest, depression, manic spending, bankruptcy and now a successful business. Rebecca shares with us her “cover ups” and how deeply she hurt while on bed rest and yet no one suspected and she never divulged the truth. She shares the pain of depression so deep that she has no recollection of the early months of her daughter’s life. Her pain and “spending to soothe” resulted in bankruptcy for her family and $47,000 in debt that extended to her parents. Rebecca pulled herself back from the brink, started a business and now,  nearly 5 years later, is once again financially solvent.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Breastmilk Enhancement for Preemie Nutrition

Hi Mamas,

I know that I am alway putting my foot down about things on this website being “All about Mamas!!” But recently I received an e-mail from a mama of a preemie and as we talked, she told me about a product that had been used when her son was in the NICU. Prolacta Human Breastmilk Enhancer provides much needed nutrients and calories to premature infants. Prolacta is the only human breastmilk enhancer available and it is derived from donor breastmilk that is tested and purified and made available to NICU’s around the country. My daughter needed donor milk when she was first born and in the NICU, so this is a topic near and dear to my heart.

I had the grand opportunity to interview Ms. Terry Johnson, APN, NNP-BC, MN, CLEC. Terry  has over 30 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings including the NICU, Special Care Nursery, Normal Newborn Nursery and Developmental Follow-Up Services. She is also a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor. Today Terry shares insight into neonatal and preemie nutrition, the role of Prolacta and how parents can advocate for their babies and how Prolacta BioScience can help. She also offered another resource for parents, The Helping Hands MilkBank.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: An Interview with “The Lost Wife” Author Alyson Richman

A few days ago I had the privilege and pleasure to interview author Alyson Richman.  Ms. Richman and I met by chance last month on twitter when I announced that this month’s book club read would be The Lost Wife. I was both surprised and elated to hear from her and even more tickled when she agreed to a podcast interview.

It’s always a thrill to read a good book. But it’s even more thrilling to be able to sit with an author and really dissect how they developed their characters, gave flesh to the plot and in the end, painted a beautiful canvas filled with word pictures bound up in a book. We experienced a couple of technical difficulties, yet this is a really fun and informative interview. And if you haven’t read The Lost Wife, I highly recommend it!

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Presenting Sharon Munroe and Advanced Maternal Age!

Mamas on Bedrest, are you 35 or older? When you started your prenatal visits, did your OB/midwife office slap a big  “AMA” or “Advanced Maternal Age” stamp or sticker on you chart?

They did on Sharon Munroe’s chart and that one stamp set an uncomfortable tone on her entire pregnancy. Sharon felt inundated with negativity and statistics about why her pregnancy was at risk because she was an older mama. But Sharon wasn’t daunted. She went on to have a completely normal healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This experience prompted her to make changes for her next pregnancy 3 years later.

Sharon now shares her experience, resources and pearls of wisdom with older mamas as the owner and editor of  Advanced Maternal Age. Sharon’s mission is to get rid of the label “advanced maternal age” and for obstetrical professionals to view each woman’s pregnancy as a unique entity, while also supporting, informing and empowering older mamas to strive for the pregnancy of their dreams.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: An Interview with Paula Rojas, Community Organizer, Social Justice Activist and Co-Founder of Mamas of Color Rising

Today I had the great joy and privilege to interview my friend, Paula Rojas. Paula is one fierce woman for women! As a community organizer, she has 20 years of experience in helping communities come together to address causes of vital importance and to fight for solutions that will be for the good of the community. After moving to Austin over 5 years ago, Paula helped poor and low income Black and Latina women organize Mamas of Color Rising, a grassroots social justice and social activist organization. The group is currently completing initiatives in its Birthing Justice Campaign and Paula shares with us some of the other social issues the group is contemplating addressing as agents of social change.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Introducing The Meal Stork Meal Delivery Program

In this podcast we meet David Stork, owner and founder of The Meal Stork. The Meal Stork is a home meal delivery service that delivers meals to families with a new baby or to mamas on bed rest. David, a licensed funeral director and embalmer (yes, you read right) said he came up with the idea when he noticed people sending flowers to bereaved families and bringing dinners to comfort them. From that idea, the TLC Kitchen was developed.  The TLC Kitchen provides meals for bereaved families, families with loved ones who are ill (The Get Well Meal) and to families with new babies. This is an amazing business, delivering meals to families in the 48 contiguous United States. Wanna get a free meal delivered to your door? Write a comment below for a chance to win!

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: An Interview with RootMama Maternal Care

Our Interview with Freya Morani was a wonderful time! This owner and founder of RootMama Maternal Care is a dynamic doula who loves and cares for mamas and their families in the Dallas/Ft Worth Tarrant County area. Freya offers doula care for the entire span of pregnancy; ante partum, intra partum and post partum care. She also offers belly casting, prenatal belly dance classes and Blessing way ceremonies for mamas. To learn more, visit the Rootmama website or give Freya a call at (682) 587-root (7668).

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Introducing the Parenting in the Workplace Institute

Mamas, are you grappling with how you are going to work after the birth of your baby? If you have ever considered taking your baby to work, the Parenting in the Workplace Institute can help. Carla Moquin, founder of PIWI, has a passion for helping families and employers integrate babies into the workplace. Using proven office policies and procedures, Moquin helps parents and employers alike create a work environment that is amenable to having babies present. Additionally, the programs have been shown to increase employee productivity in the parents and also increases positive interaction, collaboration and cooperation amongst coworkers. It’s a concept long overdue. Learn how it can work for you!

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: An Interview with OneUnionMom Jenya Cassidy

In this podcast I have the great pleasure to interview Jenya Cassidy, a union advocate and mama. Jenya was amongst the dedicated workers who helped get paid family leave in California in her position with the Labor Project for Working Families in the San Francisco Bay area. Jenya shared a wealth of great information including how to get involved with organizations in your area advocating for paid leave (Family Values at Work)  as well as help to obtain paid leave (The Legal Aid Society-The Employment Law Center).

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Meet The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe

In this podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Darcel Harmon, owner, founder and blogger of The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe. Darcel is a mama passionate about all things birth! After a disappointing experience giving birth to her first child, Darcel made it a point to find alternatives for her subsequent pregnancies. Her research and her own experiences giving birth at home to her second and third children inspired Darcel to share her knowledge with other mamas, especially mamas of color, on The Mahogany Way Cafe.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Help With Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy

Sleep is an essential component of well-being whether pregnant or not. Sleep deficit or deprivation can have serious deleterious effects on health and has been shown to be a risk factor for preterm labor. Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee, coping with sleep disturbances of her own, shares tips so that Mamas on Bedrest can get a good night’s sleep.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Online Childbirth Classes with Happy BirthWay

June Connell is the owner and founder of Happy Birth Way, a childbirth education company. June is a Natural Childbirth Educator certified by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) as well as a doula and yoga teacher. As our guest in today’s podcast, June shares with us her passion for childbirth education and her mission to empower and educate women and couples for the birth experience.  June is a wealth of information and also shared several resources for healing and resolution following a traumatic birth. Finally, just for Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond, June is offering her program Understanding Birth at the special price of $79. Mamas on Bedrest will also receive unlimited e-mail support from June, a 15 minute one on one consult via phone with June and a free copy of her e-book, Easy Eating for 2.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: A Story of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

A little more than 6 years ago, Jenya Cassidy thought that she was finished having children. So imagine her surprise when she learned that she was not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins! Jenya’s surprise turned to shock when she learned that her twins had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a rare disorder of identical twins in which they share the same placenta. Advised to abort the pregnancy, Jenya believed any odds that her babies could live were good odds, so she did her own research, assembled her own “dream team” and with their help fashioned a course of action that resulted in 2 little girls at 33 1/2 weeks.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Prenatal Care the “JJ Way”, An Interview with Midwife Jennie Joseph

This podcast was truly a thrill for me! Midwife Jennie Joseph is a pioneer in the field of maternity advocacy and has been “fighting the good fight” in Central Florida since 1989. For Jennie, good prenatal care isn’t just for some women, it’s for ALL women and Jennie makes her services available for ALL women. In this interview, Jennie shares with us how she came to start her Birthing Center, her training programs Common Sense Childbirth and Easy Access Prenatal Clinics.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Introducing “Early Minority” with Kim Hollins

I’m an African American Mama trying to raise her 2 African American children in this crazy “melting pot” called America. Now in grade school and learning “American History”, my children have questions race, culture and why it’s been such an issue. Often I have no answers.

Which is why I was so excited to “tweet” Kim Hollins (on Twitter, @EarlyMinority). A Senior Human Development and Early Education student, Kim is setting up a non-profit organization, Early Minority, to address issues of race and culture in the development of young African American Children. Please visit her website for more information or contact Kim directly at

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Self Care of Gestational Diabetes

In this podcast, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee offers some Self Care Tips for Gestational Diabetes. Drawing from her most recent blog, The Skinny on Low Glycemic Index Diets and Gestational Diabetes, Turner-Lee suggests that listeners and readers educate themselves about gestational diabetes; get more details about individual circumstances and treatment options, know the short term and long term risks and consult with specialists and diabetic educators.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: For Prematurity Awareness Day, A Talk with “Sweetie’s Mama”

On Twitter she’s known as @Sweetiesmama, but Charisse Mora Medina is so much more! Mama, wife and preemie activist, Mora Medina has gained a wealth of knowledge in learning to care for “Sweetie”.  From her intuitive knowing that “Sweetie” was coming, to his early birth and subsequent NICU stay, Mora Medina has traveled and maneuvered a multitude of conundrums in an effort to secure the best care for her child-including her own battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Now that “Sweetie” is almost 2 years old, Mora Medina has shifted her focus (at least some of it) to helping other preemie parents. So her is Mora Medina in her own words as she shared the wisdom she has gained in raising “Sweetie”.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Live the Self Care Challenge

Hey Mamas,

It’s time to once again give yourself some extra TLC! In our last podcast interview, Dr. Sanford shared with us why self care is so important. She shared with us how to take care of ourselves and when and how to reach out for additional help and support. She also shared some of the common signs and symptoms of post partum depression, how it’s diagnosed and treated.

In this podcast, Dr. Diane Sanford, Author of Life Will Never Be the Same: The Real Mom’s Post Partum Guide, shares the details on the week long self care challenge she is sponsoring. The challenge will run from November 14-18,2011 and will feature daily blogs that will give inspiration as well as tips to help mamas take care of themselves. Those who sign up for the blog and participate during the week will be entered into a drawing for some cool prizes! Learn more at

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Lessons in Compassion

In this podcast, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee follows up on the “Birthday Party” she discussed in the previous podcast.  She shares what happened when her son attended both parties for class mates, who else attended the parties and the lessons she learned and hopes other mamas will consider as they navigate this crazy path called motherhood.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: I Want My Son to Become a Caring and Compassionate Man

In a slight departure from her normal “pregnancy support” information, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee reaches out to parents to see what tools and techniques they are using to help teach their children to choose friends based on character and not on popularity.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: They Tamed My Inner Chihuahua

In this podcast, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee shares her recent experience in communicating with the film makers of One World Birth. After watching the promotional trailers, Darline Turner-Lee had what she describes as  an “unleashing of her inner chihuahua”. Feeling that women of color and high risk pregnant women were not represented, she sent off an e-mail to the film makers voicing her concerns. What started out as an irritated e-mail to the film makers has resulted in insight into the One World Birth project, an ongoing dialogue with the film makers and a potential opportunity for Darline Turner-Lee to speak on behalf of Mamas on Bedrest in the United States. Mamas on Bedrest, Share you concerns below or at You can also speak with the film makers directly.

Read Darline’s blog post on One World Birth here.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Become a “Real Mom Expert” With Dr. Diane Sanford

This podcast is an interview with Dr. Diane Sanford, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Sanford specializes in Women’s Reproductive Mental Health and has authored 2 books addressing post partum depression. The first is The Post Partum Survival Guide and her most recent book is Life Will Never Be the Same-The Real Mom’s Post Partum Guide. Both books are available on Dr. Sanford’s website, Dr. Sanford also has a self care program for new parents called Living the Self Care Life and this program can be found on her other website, Dr. Sanford is a wealth of information on how pregnancy changes people’s lives and we are pleased and honored that she has shared her expertise with Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond.

podcasts Bedrest: What’s the Point?

This is podcast discusses the rationale for the bed rest prescription, indications for bed rest and new advances in the treatment of high risk pregnancy. Available as a download only.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Presenting “Choices in Childbirth”

Choices in Childbirth is a non-profit organization that strives to improve maternity care by helping women make informed decisions about where, how and with whom to birth. Through education, outreach and advocacy, they provide information to the public about women’s rights and options in birth. They also have a database of mother friendly providers. If you are a mother friendly provider or know of an excellent mother friendly provider, visit and see how to be listed in the database.

In this podcast, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner-Lee interviews president and childbirth and maternity advocate Elan McAllister. Elan shares with us her journey to becoming a childbirth and maternity advocate and the events that lead to the “birth” of Choices in Childbirth. She also shares what’s up and coming with the organization, including their first major fundraiser “The Concert for a Healthy Birth” on May 9,2011 in New York City.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: An interview with Beth Jackson Gagne, Creator of Baby Stay Asleep

Beth Jackson Gagne is a mama, Licensed Pediatric Occupational therapist, entrepreneur and the creator of the Baby Stay Asleep infant sleep system. Jackson Gagne created Baby Stay asleep after her then 6 month infant son was diagnosed with GERD.  To accommodate his frequent feedings and to enable him to sleep comfortably without reflux or rolling to the foot of his elevated crib Jackson Gagne created a secure “harness” that fits around an infant securing him on his back while maintaining his sleep position at a 30-45 degree angle. Jackson Gagne shares with us her expertise in infant developmental sleep patterns,  as well as the road to creating Baby Stay Asleep.

podcasts Interview with Kim Updegrove: Executive Director Of Mother’s Milk Bank Austin

Kim Updegrove, CNM, MSN, MPH is the Executive Director of Mother’s Milk Bank Austin. Ms. Updegrove generously shares her time and expertise to explain to us the critical importance of breast milk for premature and fragile infants and the critical role donor breast milk plays in their very survival. Ms. Updegrove shares important statistics regarding donor milk banking and the hopes she and others have for the future of this life saving practice.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: Follow Up on Gestational Diabetes

This podcast discusses recent findings published in the January 30, 2011 Wall Street Journal. Columnist Lauran Neergaard reported on a study supported by Quest Diagnostics which found that women diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus are at increased risk for developing Type II diabetes later in life. However, these very women very often don’t have adequate follow up blood sugar screenings in the immediate post partum or throughout their lives. The implications of this oversight is discussed and follow up screening for women who had gestational diabetes mellitus is encouraged.

podcasts Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Brenda Torigiani’s Story

First time mama Brenda Torigiani experienced profound shortness of breath, heart palpitations and edema in the latter weeks of her pregnancy. What was initially attributed to “new mommy nerves” was later found to be congestive heart failure due to an enlarged heart . Here’s her story in her own words as Brenda seeks to raise awareness about this potentially deadly disorder.

podcasts Discussion: TSH Levels and Pregnancy Loss

In this podcast, owner and founder Darline Turner-Lee discusses the MedScape article,  “TSH Levels and Pregnancy Loss”. In reviewing the study and the data, Turner-Lee reminisces about her own pregnancy losses and her current sub-clinical hypothyroidism, pondering the potential link. Her advice for all mamas; those trying to conceive, those newly pregnant and those on bed rest is to discuss their thyroid status with their doctors, especially if they have a history of pregnancy loss or (or current) preterm labor.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest on the Emerald Isle: An Interview with Kris Edlund-Gibson

It’s a pregnant woman’s greatest fear-a fall. For Kris Edlund-Gibson, the fall was all the more terrifying because she fell forward right onto her belly. With premature rupture of membranes, Kris was placed on bed rest at 29 weeks.  Kris shares with us her experiences as a first time, older mom on bed rest in Ireland.

podcasts From Manager to Money-less: Jennifer Morgan’s Bedrest Nightmare

Jennifer Morgan was a pregnant single mom working as a manager for a fast food chain when she went into preterm labor at 20 weeks. Placed on hospital bedrest,  she delivered her son prematurely at 29 weeks.Jennifer used money from her 401K funds, accrued sick and vacation pay but ran out of income 6 weeks into her bed rest. Hear how this once self sufficient mother has gone from manager to money-less in just a few short months.

podcasts Better Bedrest: An Interview with Executive Director Joanie Reisfeld

Joanie Reisfeld went on bed rest with pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome during her pregnancy in 1989-90. Haunted by her traumatic experience,  two years later she founded Better Bedrest, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting high risk pregnant women on bed rest emotionally and financially. Nearly 20 years later, Joanie is still working to support high risk pregnant women. Here is her story. Note: Cookie Lee Jewelry is also a supporter of BBR in addition to Silpada Designs.

podcasts The Smart Mother’s Guide to a Better Pregnancy: An interview with Author Linda Burke-Galloway, MD

I had the great fortune to interview Dr. Linda Burke-Galloway, OB/GYN and author of The Smart Mother’s Guide to a Better Pregnancy. Dr. Burke-Galloway shares with us her rigorous training at Harlem hospital, her extensive experience in management of high risk pregnancies and the series of mishaps including the death of a dear friend that lead her to not only become a vocal advocate of maternal health rights, but to write this book. I urge every prospective mother to get a copy of the book and to take Dr. Burke-Galloway’s sage advice from this podcast to heart.

podcasts Sr. Financial Planner Megan Poore: Helping Mamas on Bedrest Navigate Financial Valleys

When my client was confronted with loss of income and benefits due to bed rest, I began to wonder how many other mamas on bedrest were facing financial hardship because of bed rest? I consulted with my good friend Megan Poore, a Senior Financial advisor with Lucien, Sterling and Gray. Megan shares with us some financial planning tips and some ways to navigate through the financial valley bed rest may plunge mamas and their families into.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest: An Interview with Robin Elise Weiss

I had the great pleasure to interview Childbirth Educator, Lactation Consultant, Doula, Author and Mother Robin Elise Weiss. Robin shared her vast knowledge and expertise with me as we chatted about bed rest, child rearing and the importance of being kind to yourself as you go through a difficult pregnancy and a mama on bed rest. Enjoy this very personable chat with Robin Elise Weiss.

podcasts An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Gunter

Dr. Jennifer Gunter is an obstetrician, gynecologist and physiatrist. While speaking about maintaining intimacy on bed rest, Dr. Gunter revealed that she had been on bed rest during her pregnancy and had premature twins. What followed is an intimate account of how  Dr. Gunter and her husband cared for their sons and how she used her experience as a physician and mom of preemies to write The Preemie Primer an informative and supportive resource for parents of preemies from birth to about 5 years old.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest…Speak Out!

In this call to action, owner and founder of Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond Darline Turner-Lee urges mamas on bed rest to add their voices to the current maternal and fetal health care policy debates. Mamas on Bedrest are urged to go to and complete the 5 question survey, voice their concerns and to ask specifically for what they need.

podcasts Is your birth place Mama Friendly? 10 Questions to ask.

Although Mamas on Bedrest may lose some options regarding childbirth, they can still seek out mother, child and family friendly centers in which to give birth. The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services provides 10 questions to ask prospective facilities to see if they fit the criteria of being “mother friendly” and they are reviewed in this podcast. Listen and please share your thoughts in the comments section when you are finished.

podcasts Mamas, The Decision is Yours!

Mamas on bed rest may feel that much about their pregnancy is out of their control. But despite being high risk, decisions about your health care and the care of your baby are ultimately still yours! Be sure to fully understand your condition, treatments being proposed and most important of all do your own home work before giving your consent to any treatment or procedure.

podcasts Speaking of Pregnancy

While it’s tempting to share your pregnancy, labor and delivery experiences, make sure that an expectant mama really wants your opinion. Likewise new mamas, you are not obligated to “receive” all advice given to you and are well within your right to respectfully decline ” unsolicited advice”. Here is some etiquette regarding sharing pregnancy information.

podcasts The Work at Home Woman

Created by Holly Hanna, The Work at Home Woman ( is a comprehensive website full of resources women can use to begin working from home.

podcasts A Hand To Hold

Kelli Kelley had 2 premature babies and found the challenge of caring for them overwhelming. To help other parents of preemies care for their children, Kelley is establishing the non-profit organization A Hand to Hold.

podcasts Any woman can have a premature baby. Are you prepared?

The United States has some of the highest rates of preterm labor, prematurity and infant mortality of any industrialized nation and poor rates than many “less prosperous” nations in the world. Yet, when many  American parents experience preterm labor and have a premature infant, they are completely blindsided by the events and overwhelmed by the intensive care needed for their child. This discussion focuses on what US clinicians can do help parents prepare for the unmentionable and how moms themselves may be able to help lower their risk for going into preterm labor and delivering a premature infant.

podcasts Motherhood Later

This podcast discusses why some women “wait” to have children later in life. Are women really waiting to start families or are life circumstances occurring such that later is when pregnancy occurs?

podcasts The Birth of Bedrest Fitness

In this podcast, MBB founder Darline Turner-Lee shares the story of how Bedrest Fitness was “conceived” and “birthed”. Bedrest Fitness is a simple yet effective set of modified prenatal exercises that pregnant women on prescribed bed rest can do comfortably in bed. For more info on Bedrest Fitness view the video clip or visit the shop to purchase.

podcasts Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond – Premier podcast

Founder Darline Turner-Lee Recounts her personal high risk pregnancy experiences & why she was compelled to start Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond.