Childcare Placement Agencies

Childcare is always a sensitive subject as new parents try to balance home and work responsibilites. The following agencies can help parents find the experienced help that they need-be it simply a babysitter so that they can enjoy a night out to round the clock childcare so that one or both parents can resume/fulfill their financial obligations to the family.

American Nanny Company. One of the oldest and most established of agencies in New England, ANC clients experience extensive knowledge, service and ongoing support. From diligent screening to personal matching and seamless coaching in the maintenance of an ongoing successful relationship, ANC understands the balancing act and strains inherent in the roles of contemporary family life. Although  ANC is based in Boston they also offer a number of services for clients, nationwide.

Cuddlebuggs. Cuddlebuggs is a Newborn Care/Baby Nurse and Nanny Placement Company. They provide families in the Atlanta, GA metro area with services like Night-Time Newborn Care Specialist, Sleep Training Consultations and Nanny Placement and Search Support.

Nannies From The Heart. Nannies from the Heart and its team of professionals find nurturing and dependable nannies for Austin families. Their team provides the personalized support needed to ensure peace of mind and provides service above and beyond the unreliable maze of classified ads and online nanny searches.