Preemie Parent Resources

Preemie Parent Resources

If you have a premature infant, you life just radically changed. But there are wonderful resources out there to support you and to help you and your itty bitty precious one get off to a good start.

Fragile Beginnings Preemie Parent Alliance – A Massachusetts Based Coalition of organizations, parents and providers, Fragile Beginnings is committed to improving the lives of parents of premature infants through direct support services, providing educational materials, as well as connecting them to community resources and to each other.

A Hand to Hold-Hand to Hold provides comprehensive resources and support programs to parents of preemies, babies born with special health care needs and those who have experienced a loss due to these or other complications.

The March of Dimes is quite frankly the most widely known organization dedicated to the health and well-being of babies. They have (in the United States alone) nationwide offices and resources on all things baby. They have supported extensive research and programs to promote full term pregnancies and to help prevent preterm birth, and continue to offer grants and other funding for community projects related to halting and reversing preterm birth and prematurity.

Mike & Ollie: 24-Weekers Who Beat the Odds– Susan Bearman is a mama to 24 week preemie twins, now 19 years old. She spent most of those 24 weeks on bedrest. She also had two subsequent high-risk pregnancies that she carried to term. She recently discovered the journals she had kept during the nearly 5 month long NICU stay and decided to share them with other parents of preemies. Her goal is to help parents of preemies know they are not alone and that delayed doesn’t necessarily mean doomed. – is an internet-based information and community resource created by qualified preemie experts for healthcare professionals, parents, friends, and family interested in, or affected by, premature birth. Our primary objectives are to increase awareness about the important issues surrounding preterm birth and to provide expert, recent, and relevant scientific information in an easy to access, easy to understand format.

Preemie Parents-Preemie Parents was started by Tami Gaines, a mama of 4 children, two of which were premature twins. Tami shares her journey in her new book, Preemie Parents: 26 Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby. Tami also shares a myriad of resources and tips for working with and for your preemie. Tami has also founded the Preemie Parents Foundation, a non-profit 501(C)3-pending organization dedicated to providing the parents and caregivers of premature babies with the tools, resources and support needed to take this unexpected journey from a place of bewilderment to a place of empowerment.

The Preemie Baby – Online support for parents of preemies that helps with evaluation and care once the baby comes home from the NICU. Pamela McKimie, MD, Diplomate College of Physicians (AAIM), Certified Multiple Birth Support Specialis, Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Certified HUG YOUR BABY Teacher is the founder and principle.

The Preemie Primer-This book was written by Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an obstetrician/gynecologist and physiatrist. She is also the mama of triplet sons, one of which resides in heaven. Dr. Gunter shares her experience as a high risk pregnant mama, her experience on bed rest and how her life changed when she gave birth to her boys. She combines her medical expertise with life experience to provide parents of premature infants and children information, support and resources to navigate their new reality. A must read for all parents of preemies! Also, be sure to visit the Preemie Primer Website for information and resources for parents of preemies.