Level II Ultrasound

What is a Level II Ultrasound?

A Level II Ultrasound is a more intensive and focused ultrasound examination done to assess the development of the fetus and to specifically look for abnormalities. A completely non-invasive procedure, the Level II ultrasound is often performed on women who are at risk of having a child with genetic or developmental abnormalities. Because these ultrasounds are designed to assess very specific fetal development issues, they are usually performed at perinatal centers by highly trained ultrasonographers and are interpreted by perinatologists.

When are Level II Ultrasounds done?

Level II Ultrasounds are typically done in the second trimester at approximately 20 weeks.

How are Level II Ultrasounds done?

Level II Ultrasounds are performed like regular prenatal ultrasounds. Mother arrives with a full bladder and lays on the examination table with her belly bare. The Sonographer puts some gel on the mother’s abdomen and then slowly moves the transducer across her belly visualizing the fetus inside. A variety of measurements and assessments can be made depending on the type of ultrasound equipment used. The perinatologist will evaluate the examination and offer recommendations dependent upon the findings.