Judith A. Maloni, Ph.D, Publications

Dr. Judith  Maloni

Dr. Maloni is a leading researcher in the field of ante partum bed rest. When it is appropriate, Dr. Maloni makes certain publications available for the general public to read. Below are the most recent publications available for public reading and learning.

Antepartum Bed Rest For Pregnancy Complications: Efficacy and Safety for Preventing Preterm Birth- This publication is an analysis of the evidence for prescribing pregnancy bed rest and its physical, behavioral and experiential side effects. It also provides some suggestions for further research about the side effects of pregnancy bed rest on pregnant women and evidence that supports the efficacy of home bed rest with proper support.

Astronauts and Pregnancy Bed Rest: What NASA is teaching us about inactivityis a publication written in layman’s terms that explains how the effects of weightless in space are very similar to the effects of prolonged inactivity in women on prescribed bed rest. Dr. Maloni describes the side physical and emotional side effects of the bed rest prescription on pregnant women and offers resources women can use to help themselves as well as resources care givers can use to support women on bed rest.

Reducing the Risk of Preterm Birth-is an article published in the June 2004 issue of Advances in Neonatal Care. Once again geared towards laypeople, Dr. Maloni and her colleague Elizabeth G. Damato, Ph.D, RN, present the common obstetrical causes of preterm labor, how a woman can prepare herself before she conceives to prevent preterm birth and what she can do to prevent preterm birth is she is already pregnant. Maloni and Damato also provide the signs and symptoms of preterm labor, contributing factors and tools and resources for self-care and support.