Baby Must Haves

Mamas on Bedrest: What are the baby items you can’t do without?

June 2nd, 2014

Hello Mamas!

What are your favorite baby things? This weekend I had the great pleasure to hang out with a bunch of my girlfriends and our friend Cristina is pregnant with her first little guy. She asked us all, as she is in the process of filling out her baby registry and there is so much to choose from, what are the things we mamas couldn’t have done without?

My 2 top items immediately came to mind.

bounciebabyJPGBouncie Seat. My daughter was a bit of a fussy baby and as a result, getting her to sleep was often a challenge. She loved the bouncie seats. These little motorized seats were actually wire stands covered with quilted seat/slings with a motor attached. When turned on, the little motor kind of vibrated, giving baby a steady little shake. THIS THING WAS LIKE A PIECE OF GOLD in our house!! Someone had given us the first one and it was such an essential element, my daughter’s daddy went and got another one so that we would never be without a bouncie seat.


A Sling/Carrier. I had a couple of these. I liked the slings because they were more flexible and allowed me to be able to postion my babies comfortably. My favorite is the MobyWrap because it is a long soft piece of material that you wrap around yourself and your baby and he/she is so secure and yet not constricted. I used slings/wraps around the house and when I was toodling around town, grocery shopping, etc…

I also had a Baby Bjorn carrier. I used this carrier for when we traveled. This carrier felt more secure to me and when I was moving through airports this made me feel really comfortable having my babies up close and quite snug. Also, I always had to take them out to go through security and the process of getting the baby in and out of these carriers was much simpler than with the Moby wrap.

A few of my other favorite items:

A CD Player with Classical CDs. These were lifesavers with my son, the consummate musician-even now! While they weren’t available when he was a baby, I highly recommend RockABye Baby Music. This company has taken contemporary music and  created infant lullabies. It’s great because I have to say, the  music often used for babies is somewhat mindnumbing (which is why I played actually classical music to my son!), so to hear current hits in baby lullabies is kinda cool!

51ZEMTBY8GL._SY300_Classical Baby CD’s. Again, these CD’s provided moments (okay hours) of relief for me. The actual classical tracks along with the brightly colored animated videos were a salvation when my son was cranky. And even better my daughter, Then aged 3, loved them too! Even today at 11 and 8 they will still occasionally watch the videos and enjoy the music! These are available on multiple online retailers

Elmo. Say what you like but that furry little red monster is a HUGE favorite with kids! My daughter was a huge fan almost from the day she “popped out”.  At one point, we had 8 Elmo dolls in our house; from large stuffed Elmo to Limbo Elmo. I recently caught my daughter (now 11) flipping through TV channels and she did in fact pause when she came to Sesame Street and Elmo was on. Some loves die hard!

What are your must haves for baby? Share them in the comments section below!