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Mamas on Bedrest: Heart Health During and After Bedrest

August 18th, 2014

Greetings Mamas!!

We all know that Bedrest is difficult, but did you know that certain complications that cause  mamas to be put on bed  rest can also put mamas at risk for heart health problems later in life?

In today’s post, I am sharing with you an info graphic from the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) which outlines the potential cardiovascular (heart) risks that Mamas on Bedrest are exposed to as a result of certain pregnancy complications. The purpose of sharing this info graphic is not to scare you, depress you about being on bed rest or to add more stress to an already difficult situation. Rather, my motive is to make you aware of future health risks, to educate you and share information with you so that you can take the best care of yourselves now, during your pregnancies, and throughout the rest of your lives.

The CMQCC infographic specifically names Pregnancy Induced Hypertension, Pre-Eclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, Gestational Diabetes and Preterm Births all as increasing a mama’s risk of developing heart disease later in life. We know this because of information shared in previous blog posts on Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, Pre-Eclampsia, and Gestational Diabetes.

But I really like this infographic because it gives a lot of information in a neat, concise and readable fashion. I think the infographic is easy to follow and mamas can get all the information that they need at a glance. Then if mamas desire more information, they can read the additional resources provided in this post and in the resources in the infographic at their leisure.

This is great information, Mamas. Do take the time to read it. Got Questions? Ask them on our live Free Q & A teleseminar this Thursday! I, Bedrest Coach Darline Turner, will be answering all bed rest related questions, including those related to this infographic. While I can’t offer specific medical advice, I can steer you in the right directions to get all the information you need to make wise health care choices!


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Mamas on Bedrest: ACOG Issues New Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes Management

July 26th, 2013

Green_JournalHi Mamas,
While Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a less frequent reason for being prescribed Bedrest, GDM can significantly complicate pregnancy as well as maternal and fetal health. Close management of GDM and tight control of blood sugars is essential for best pregnancy outcomes.

In the August issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, researchers report that new studies comparing single step and 2 step GDM screening indicate that 2 step screening, which is the current course of screening in the US, is still the preferred method of care. Many other countries use the single step method, but ACOG researchers feel more researcher needs to be done before recommending changing screening protocols.

The two step screening process requires pregnant women between 24 and 28 wks gestation drink a 50gm glucose solution followed by blood glucose levels taken one hour later. If a woman’s blood sugar levels are elevated, the test is repeated using a 100gm solution and blood levels drawn 3 hours later. If the second test comes back elevated, the woman is diagnosed with GDM and started on dietary management first, than oral medications and/or insulin injections are added if necessary to reach and maintain proper blood sugar levels.

According to ACOG’s report, 4 million American women give birth annually and 7% will develop GDM. GDM complicates pregnancy by putting mamas at increased risk of pregnancy induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia, c-section delivery and developing Type II Diabetes later in life. Infants born to mothers with GDM are at risk of macrosomia (being large for gestational age), hypoglycemia, birth trauma and c-section delivery.

GDM is a relatively common occurrence during pregnancy and is on the rise with the national rise in obesity and mamas delaying pregnancy until later in life. ACOG reaffirming it’s recommendation for the 2 step GDM screening procedure goes far in detecting GDM early and starting treatments as soon as possible when needed.

Mamas on Bedrest: Nutritional Resources for Pregnancy

July 10th, 2013

It’s video Wednesday! Today I’m sharing nutrition suggestions for pregnancy and helpful books I recommend to my clients. The books are available thru the Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond Amazon a Store,­. Enjoy!!