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Resources To Support Those Supporting Mamas On Bedrest

June 3rd, 2010

I wanted to follow up on the podcast interview that I had with Robin Elise Weiss a couple of weeks ago. While we were talking the discussion turned to families and friends of mamas on bedrest and the difficult road they walk; trying to support the mama who is on bed rest and calm her nerves and fears about her pregnancy and unborn child while also being concerned for their daughter (and/or son), sister (and/or brother), their children and their friends.

The conversation caused me to reminisce about how my father in law was such a huge source of support for me when I was going through my first high risk pregnancy, and yet it never dawned on me to ask him about how he was coping with his own worry. I’ll never get the chance to talk with him or to even thank him because he passed away the year after my daughter was born. However Robin’s words in passing and the kindness of my father in law have motivated me to seek out supports for families and friends trying to support Mamas on bed rest.

One thing that Robin and I agreed on as we chatted is that there is a lot of information on the web about high risk pregnancy and the myriad of conditions that make a pregnancy high risk. However, if you read any of the websites on pre-eclampsia or placental issues for examples, you’ll likely come away with more fears than hope. Theses sites are great for facts but sorely lacking of you are looking for guidance on how to help and support  your loved one.

Likewise, you can’t go and simply ask your loved one’s clinician. Ever since the passage of the HIPPA act (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996) no medical information can be divulged about an individual unless they give expressed permission, usually in writing. Sometimes Mamas on bed rest will allow clinicians to speak with other family members, but more times than not, this doesn’t happen, so concerned family members and friends are left wondering and worrying about their loved one.

These are a few resources to which family members can turn for information and for help with their own worries and fears. Most are web based, but there is one that has telephone counseling. Most all of them have additional links of resources for information and support.


Sidelines is a comprehensive website dedicated to the support of high risk pregnant women. They offer one on one peer volunteer counseling (via phone and e-mail) for expectant mothers and will answer questions from people needing information or helping to support women on bed rest. Established in 1991, the website has nearly 20 years of information and resources available. If it has to do with high risk pregnancy and bed rest, it’s most likely listed on this website.

Pregnancy Bed Rest

This website was started by Dr. Judith Maloni, a leading researcher of bed rest and associate professor at The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. In her over 20 years of research, Dr. Maloni has learned what women on bed rest and their families need to make it through and has compiled a thorough list of resources.

KeepEmCookin is a website that hosts a large forum comprised of women on bed rest sharing their stories and information. Started by Angela Davis,  a bed rest veteran, it also houses informative articles on bed rest and the latest research and advances. While most of the women on the forum are on bed rest, I have interacted with many of them and they are willing and eager to share their stories and any and all information to help a mama on bed rest. is another website dedicated to assisting women and their families navigate a high risk pregnancy. Started and maintained by Maribeth Doerr, Storknet has an abundance of resources for women and the family members and friends supporting them through this difficult time.

While all of these resources are listed on our resources page with several other support organizations, I am emphasizing these here because they offer specific assistance to family members and friends who may be feeling overwhelmed as they try to assist their loved one on bed rest.

These lists are in no way exhaustive, quite the contrary. Whenever we learn of an organization that supports mamas on bed rest and the families and friends who support them, we will certainly add them to our list. If you know of any support organizations that specifically support high risk pregnant women and their families, please send the information to so that we can share with others who may be in need.

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