I would like to tell you that your DVD [Bedrest Fitness] is awesome. Being down for 7 weeks the first time I did your DVD-very slowly too-I was out of shape and out of breath. But I think it’s wonderful for me and it also gives me something to do during the day.

— M.B., Long Beach, CA

I have been on strict bedrest for the past 4 months. About 1 month ago, I went for my monthly doctor’s visit and was so tired after, I slept all day. My body was out of condition because of the time I had spent in the bed without exercise and movement. Afterwards, I ordered the Bedrest Fitness Video. I did the exercises religiously everyday and then this month when I went to the doctor, I had more energy and was in less pain after moving around. As an added bonus, my 3 year old son loves the video. He ask for it by name and starts to count the exercises out as we do them together. I do need to get another band though, because he always wants mine.

— Cynthia B., Newark, NJ

Congratulations Darline on creating an amazing product with your bed rest fitness programme. The programme came into my life as a glimmer of hope as my stay in bed weakened my spirits. Though I got the programme in my eight month of pregnancy it did much my to boost my self-confidence. I began looking forward to my bed rest workouts. I now had something worthwhile to do as the day drew closer of me finally seeing my baby. I really enjoyed the Cat stretches lol. Though I did not get to put all training in practice (I had a C-section), I did benefit physically (my rapid weight gained slowed when I began the programme) and emotionally (I no longer felt sorry for my self). I highly recommend this programme not only for moms on bed rest but all women during their pregnancies. Thank you Darline.

— Kiza Felix-Roberts, Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies)

Everything was perfect for my needs (transportation services). Both my providers (Darline and Aimee) were neat, courteous and on time. I didn’t have to worry about how I would get to my appointments. Once I set up the times and dates, I knew I was covered.

— S.S., Austin, TX

I was on bedrest for my seventh pregnancy (and second baby…so you do the math) and your dvd helped me stay strong while I nurtured my baby. Needless to say, I am a fan and I am so happy to know that you have two beautiful children.

Thanks again for your help and support. I bet you don’t realize how you have helped and touched so many lives with your insightful dvd, but believe me, you have!

All my best,

— Amanda Peters San Francisco, CA

I think that you did an excellent job with explaining the exercises including positioning, alternative exercises (single leg calf extension) and discussing restrictions. I feel that the areas that could have caused increased abdominal pressure such as seated rows and modified crunches, were addressed in a way that limited pressure on the pelvic floor. I also liked how you did active and active assisted exercises with the theraband. Great job with prompting on breathing.

I like how you included a series of lower extremity and upper extremity. This allows someone to do lower extremity one day and upper extremity the next day, or one in the morning and one at night. I also appreciated that you included stretching. Even if someone did not feel like doing exercises they could at least do the stretches.

I was really happy to see exercises that I have given my bed rest patients including cat/camel and child’s pose in your video.

— Kimberlee Sullivan, DPT, owner, Sullivan Physical Therapy, Austin Texas

I really liked the DVD. I think it is well done and especially effective given that Darline is pregnant while doing the exercises. I will recommend this to my patients on bed rest.

— Screven Edgerton, MD, Austin Area OB/GYN, Austin, Texas

“…I think Turner-Lee’s Bedrest Fitness does an excellent job of teaching proper body mechanics with the exercises.”

— Jeanne Greene, CD(DONA), LCCE, FACCE, The Journal of Perinatal Education, Spring 2009, Vol 18, number 2, Page 59